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Any e-mail message and any attachments you receive from the domain's IT.WORKS, ITWORKS.AE and ITWORKS.SA are confidential, may be legally privileged and are for the intended recipient only.


If you have received this message in error, please do not copy, forward or store the contents. Instead, forward it back to the sender and permanently delete the message.


No reliance should be placed on the contents of this message, and the views expressed may not necessarily reflect those of IT.WORKS.


Unless stated otherwise, this message does not constitute an offer or acceptance of any contractual terms.


IT.WORKS is legally registered as IT Works LLC in the UAE, under the registration number 593548, with the Dubai Economic Department.

IT.WORKS is legally registered as IT WORKS LLC in the KSA, under registration number 1010808787, with the Ministry of Commerce.

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